A Creation of a Community: Heritage Village Assisted Living and Senior Care

A few years ago I came to know a gentleman and his wife who attended the same church. Clarence and Leena were an interesting and wonderful older couple-he of musical talents and she of Finnish descent who spoke, it seemed, little English.

As time progressed, their health slowly deteriorated. Eventually, they were a couple teetering on the need of full-time care. Their means, along with their health, were both meager and to add to their anguish, they didn’t have family who could otherwise help or look after them.

Thus, their first level of help came from the members of our church. Progressively, it became more and more evident that full-time care in a facility would be necessary. A few members of our church searched for a facility that would accommodate them both. I personally searched and found nothing in our area that would fit their needs. The facilities I found were either way too institutional, full, extremely expensive, of poor condition, and/or of poor accommodations for senior care in general. My heart went out to Clarence and Leena. They deserved much better.

In the end, we were finally able to find an inferior home that had been converted to senior care. Not only was this home very expensive, the accommodations were sub-par. The home was small, had very narrow hallways and doorways, a very small bathroom with a step-over tub, rickety wooden wheelchair ramps to cover up the steps, and no fire sprinkler systems in order to evacuate non-ambulatory residents. This search and find experience was disappointing, scary, and sad. This is when the “light-bulb” idea came to mind that I could design and build something much, much better for our aging loved ones.

It was because of this experience with Clarence and Leena that Heritage Village was created. Heritage Village is dedicated to those in search for not only something better, but the best.

From the very beginning of architectural designs, our focus has been to create a one-of-a-kind assisted living community. At Heritage Village you will find: no stairs or steps, no narrow hallways, no small non-functioning bathrooms-and certainly no elevators. We even use bright, full-spectrum lighting for aging seniors’ eyesight.

We serve those who are requiring assistance with “activities of daily living”. We provide for those individuals who would like to keep their sense of a true home environment and dignity rather than settling for an institution or sub-par accommodations. At Heritage Village we provide excellent care in a home-like environment at a fraction of the cost of in-home health care or institutional care.

In our home-like environment we invite family and love ones to visit often, enjoy a meal, and participate in daily activities. At Heritage Village our home really is your home too.

Thank you for your interest,

Gary Crosby, Owner.

Mark L Wheeler

Dear Stan:

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you, thank you, Heritage Village and all the staff for taking care of my father Maurice.

Maurice had dementia prior to coming to your facility which presented a challenge at other facilities for his care.  He would not always take his medication which complicated his condition.

Since arriving at your facility, you and the staff took time to understand Maurice’s condition and behaviors. Heritage Village was quickly able to adapt to his needs.  It showed in his attitude and health. Heritage Village was able to have Maurice take his medication which  improved his overall health.

I was able to call and get an assessment at any time and also your staff would contact me properly for any concerns so that they could be addressed. Your staff also worked well With Maurice’s doctor’s and support groups.  I was given comments from Cigna facilities and Cigna caregivers regarding your staff support.

Maurice was extremely happy to be in your facility.  He felt like it was a home for him vs. a room.  He had favorites among your staff.

As you are aware, Maurice recently passed away, and I wanted to take the time to correspond to you to let you know that his time there was greatly appreciated by Maurice, myself and my wife.  I cannot express how grateful we are for what Heritage Village does as a daily way of working and interfacing with their their staff and residents.

I am comfortable with you sharing this letter with your staff and also anyone interested in looking into your facilities.  I highly recommend Heritage Village and I am willing to be called if anyone has questions or would like references.


Mark L Wheeler

Pam Nelson (Barbara Taggart’s daughter)

Hi Stan,

I know that you’re extremely busy and a lot on your plate, but I just wanted to let you know that in my conversation with a resident last week, she made the comment that the activities at Heritage Village are the best she has seen at any of the assisted living / memory care facilities she has been in. Also, that your facility is amazing.

I thought that you might like to hear something positive!

Anyway, I know that my mom has given the staff issues at times.  But they are all just amazing with her (and everyone else there, as well).  Truly loving and care!

Thanks, Stan.

Pam Nelson (Barbara Taggart’s daughter)

Laabs Family


I want to send a quick note to recognize and thank you for the excellent care that the staff have extended to my father, Herman.

The decision to move a family member to an assisted living home is not an easy one.  And the transition once becoming a resident it’s not always easy.  But the quality of your service stood out right from the beginning.  We particularly like the apartment–feel, open concept dining room, homemade meals, hair saloon, and family feel.  All details and needs were considered.  We knew we wanted to commit to Heritage Village.

It wasn’t just the investment in the product you are offering but also the testimony of the caregivers and patients who agreed and freely share their satisfaction.  We can’t speak highly enough about the caregivers and the Chef Max.  It’s the gentleness of Annie, and partnership with Ryan and Emily that needs to be recognized.  They are excellent in their profession and we feel blessed to know and receive their care.

Finally we would like to recognize your contribution in pioneering the concept of assisted living almost 30 years ago.  We believe your 30+ years of experience and  knowledge of this business is in part what has led to the success of Heritage Village.

Thanks again for all your help,

Laabs Family